Friday, April 15, 2005


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So i said i'll show you my postcards. im finallly free enough to put them up. yay ^^

Friday, January 16, 2004

Well, u can see im really trying to make an effort to blog as often as possible. I dont want it to stagnate!!! not after i put so much effort into the layout, nah. bullshit lah. the only thing i did was go and have it downloaded and blah. but still!!! its kinda ke xi if it joins the land of the rotting and the rotted

Well, ok, today was fine.

Just that i got really really pissed. seriously. sometimes my friends really piss me off. and that included vicky, though we seldom quarel nowadays. in the beginning....ah.....that was when we bickered and stuff. but after three years, the quarelsome phase just fizzles out.

So anyway. i was super pissed today. like fuming. i was totally totally mad. the details of why and who pissed me, i am not willing to discuss. why? for the simple reason of not wanting to offend anyone, for i can truly be a mean bitch in the midst of my furor or anger. so yeah..

All i can say is that my friends, * sometimes, i really dont know if they are* were really insensitive today, selfish. and i really feel taken for granted.

The good part of the day, which ran all the way from morning to the part where i flared up because of their silly insensitivity. and their brat-like "taking for granted ness". In other words, yes, they totally totally ruined my originally wonderful day.

Art was a mess, as usual. my art sucks. but it was tolerable. though the teacher once again complained of my untidy work then totally humiliated me by correcting me, giving me tips, complaining of my tardy work RIGHt in front of colin, who by the way, has already, i think, a rather sour impression of me. And though i don't crush him or anything. its always nice preserving a good image, that is, that of a model, conscientious, tidy, clean person. After all, i did get first in class last year, surely that image has gotta be somewhat....uh u know.

see this is what happened yesterday which must have totally sullied my reputation. gah. not exactly REPUTATION lah. i actually forgot, and for the first time, mind you. TWO workbooks. i'm still wondering what exactly possessed me. i didnt bring...not a worksheet, not just a book, but TWO. and rather unfortuantely, the teachers of the respective subjects HAD to collect them yesterday. and i felt real bad. for not bringing these.

to start with, i dont think he actually had a very good impression of me from the start of our rather miserable period of together as partners time. i mean come on, i am a girl, and though my handwriting usually is neat, looks completely shitty in comparison to his wonderfully, and uncannily aunt cp-ish writing. And he's a guy. and then i talk loudly and almost all the time, while he's head is perpetually found buried in textbooks, absorbing, like a sponge, and with the same velocity at which a sponge absorbs, formula upon formula, law upon law. and if hes not reading, hes doing something like chatting....but about marks. through train and the other horrors of school. bleh.

and then he's all neat and organised. every line carefully drawn with ruler ( my lines are just rough, free hand strokes. untidy and really quite crooked ) and i'm...oh well, im supposed to be talking about TODAY. about what happened at school. see, im never focused.

So yeah, art was that bad. embarrassment and all. but i lived through it. then maths. gah. algebra is apparently, torturous. u guys gotta wish me luck man! i need it. badly. no no....must have more confidence in myself! i can do it!! i can DO it!!!! yay! * oh man, how corny can i get, sheesh -_- *

We left at maths, me marg, jess and diane. for the auditorium. and we were late, but nevermind. it was some kind of talk lah. by supposedly famous poets. ( of the three who came by, i knew none) then they all recited poems. which out of the eight over poems, i understood none. ok, i did lah. SOME. and the chinese poems. were cheem beyond cheem. Cheemalogy, they call it.

it was quite hilarious, none of understood. when the man poet ( the chinese poet ) whom i actually mistook for a woman, asked " who understood chinese" EVERYONe.( save of course, the non chinese or more ang moh-ish teachers who simply smiled at our response. ) raised up their hand.

so he said he would do away with the translation. but alas. how were we to know. that the chinese in question, was, in fact, the equivalent to shakespeare's english. and therefore, could not be understood. i bet if he had just asked once more to confirm if we needed translation, the same reponse would happen. i bet everyone would raise their hand. seriously. but it was nice, though i didnt quite comprehend what he was saying. nice, as in the way he read it, and u can tell, the poem's good lah.

*well, in the end, because of a request by mr. ken, there was translation after all*

Then after the poems were read, we went for recess. whihc i spent doing the reexprssion which i had casually forgotten to do.

Then we went to the cluster training room for part two of the whole "workshop". that was pretty fun too. i like the speaker. some JOhn Mateer. bet u have never heard of him. muahaha. nice guy. and the sec threes were "oohing" at his handsome profile. but i LURVED his accent.

He spent the time explaining his poem. which was rather confusing. i cant actually explain it here, but roughly, this would be it, it is about this guy who dreamt of himself, and in the dream, he dreamt that he'd be an author. ah....doesnt make much sense huh. but never mind. forget it. it was interesting. but alas. we were made to compose a poem. and seriously. it aint no easy task. but we managed to complete ours in the end.

gah. mine was yucky. but heck. at least i had the twelve required lines. and its not graded. :D

then a chosen few recited THEIR poems. i didnt quite understand some, and some i couldnt catch due to some serious reading aloud problems. then..yeah, basically, that was it lah.

Oh he spoke of the rule in south africa. where he was born. ( he later migrated to australia) and diane was wondering why he's accent was so mild. And it was supposed to help us for our literature text, animal farm, but really, i didnt see how it could. like, he spoke of how the different coloured and non coloured groups of people were treated with various standards and all....interesting but i really couldnt relate it to the dictatorship in animal farm. ah well...

anyway. dinner's ready. gotta run. bye.

and ill try to update daily. no not daILy lah. that would be virtually impossible. but i shall try to do so as often as i can. tomorrow should be interesting...hmm....mebbe there'd be a blog on it. got IP launch, which is at ngee ann poly, then the UK trip briefing. :D

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

gah. i should NOT be blogging now. not with all the work, and projects painfully starving for my attention which i had mercilessly deprived them of and thrown on useless things such as, well, blogging. and chatting. yep. MSN. oh bloody MSN. EVERYTIME i come online to read up on something or blah blah i keep getting distracted! AH! i really ought to be more focused. I get distracted far too easily. that is one reason why you NEVER see me doing my work in class, in between end of school and third lang. which by the way is really draining me.

School work. damn. its the only thing thats happening in my life. everything is about deadlines, projects and stupid homework. I dun play anymore, dont watch bloody TV. i dont read. much less CHAT , on the phone, that is. and hell, i WANT to. i havent had a proper, serious conversation for AGES. and i need it. seriously.well, ok, so my homework is rather completeable. really, u can finish them in fifteen minutes if u really put ur mind to it. but its the projects and the tests. yes, TESTS. thats reeeeaaalllly driving me NUTS. as in, even BEFORE the second week, we got about what, FIVE tests dates??! HONESTLY. even berlinda's uncle said it was kinda mad. i mean seriously. we had a maths test on the first week, and on the same week, they were already getting us to prepare for the first common tests.

I think im mad. even with the mad pile of work which would drive you nuts before you get them done. i went to accept this IP thingy. shucks. ok. i AM kinda excited about it but i dun have the TIME. i mean serously. its an honour getting into this thing. yep. as in, its normal for GEP. i think u have a choice of whether or not you want to do it but ah. as with many other things ( eg, programmes, courses, talks, so on) only a choice handful of mainstreamers can qualify to take part in the event. ah shucks. life stinks. its bloody unfair. take the talk on writing for example, we mainstreamers were offered the chance to go only because there was " extra seats" for us. damn. -_- sometimes i REALLY wanna be GEP. So anyway. i was chosen, one out of the measly SIX in the whole darn mainstream. SIX. its only about one sixth of a class. and i ACCEPTED.

I accepted knowing that there'd be three other sections in EDS opening this year and I was interested in ALL and would probably join at least three of the "clubs". I accepted knowing that APaRT from CCA which WILL be much less slack this year ( looking at the hectic schedule ahead ), i STILL have Library ( which sucks by the way. gah. i think i might as well quit the whole darn bloody thing. big waste of time. all i do is shelve and shelve and shelve and shelve.and all because of the selfish nincompoop of jing hui, i am deprived of the chance to actually handle the circultation part) AND i have also commited myself to the SPHERE project thingy. bah. ( SPHERE, by the way, is uh...nevermind., seomthing to do with us taking care of old folks lah) And of course. the projects. and i also knew, when i accepted, that my workload would be much heavier than before. bleh. now it seems like a stupid decision. well, hope it all turns out ok.

Yep yep. we BETTEr win something. or im totally gonna flip. my group's nice. well, yee chuin and pei qi. :D so..good.

Oh and about third lang. the lessons are moving too quickly. why. cos a group of sickening ACSI boys. ( which, for a voluminous number of reasons, i hate. well, cannot stand, rather ) decided to CAMP. yes. bloody camp. why cant their assish whatever ( cca, class, heck ) hold it during a HOLIDAY anyway. i means thats what holidays are for. you dont hold them in the middle of the frigging school term and disrupt the entire teaching process lah. so the teacher is just speeding away. and my. im REMEMBERING quicikly in order to catch up. as in, to move on with her, i am able to understand and remmeber things quickly. but rather unfortunately, im forgetting what i learn just as quickly. so. damn. i gotta gambatte man!!! Then...uh...the teacher is GREAT :D chua sensei IS nice. but sumtimes, i cant quite make out what shes trying to say. *is still not used to listening to Jap*

which is why i plan to watch waterboys:D well, at least i manage to count faster after watching the show....oh bull, i wanna watch it purely for entertainment purposes lah. some of u might have figured that out already. heck about school. third lang. i wanna watch waterboys cos its pure fun and horribly omoshiroi. which means interesting lah. :D

So thats whats happening now, in my life. i wanted to just update u guys lah, since i cant actually chat to u in real life or anything. no time!!! so...yeah, thats about it. *oh and of course, i updated for the sake of keeping this blog unstagnant. * gotta do my art. art's tough this year, by the way. uh huh. our first exercise is a killer already. well, at least, compared to last year's first assignment which was really, a breeze. AH yes! DNT. as usual. sucky. and i cant draw the orthographic projections, and what not. gah. i got stuck at the THIRD question today while the others were happily perfecting their ninth drawing. damn. i just cant SEE what those weird little boxes are sposed to mean. oh well....anyway. WORK. so bye. good night. and wish me luck for the very hectic and frenzied sec two life, which has just begun....

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Oh boohoo i cant see my blog, as in i cant go into ANY sites. shucks shucks shucks shucks shuck. bleugh. i just keep getting directed to bah. so anyway. yesterday i went to collect my scholarship. yay. $500!!! whee~! its a hundred and fifty more than last year, i think. and i met my senior again. man, i still havent found out HER name, though she already knows mine...well,.... MINE and 30 over others from my class. oh i do exaggerate. mebbe not 20 over lah.

but she seems to know the bloody class better than me. and what can i say. she doesnt like it. yeah, thinks we have class spirit....actually....quite true ah......well, hopefully with a brand new committee and a more sporting monitress....we can do better spirit wisE? yeah. 1.C IS kinda cliquish. and admittedly, i myself, am in a particular clique. *hey, waddaya want me to then, if im not in a group* yep. so im in the "englishy" group.

thus called because well...we call speak it...and uh, im in it. and please guys, im really not as "powederful" as u paint me out to be. i aint good. serious. hell, KENG HOE did better than me :D

And so i got the prize. and really. i so totally hate the edusave scholarship prize ginving "ceremony", its nothing short of a frigging torture. i think ill collect my prize from the office next time, that is, if i do continue to get this particular award. well ok, the prize sum is good. nice. :D five hundred. u can seriously do alot with that, no? and if u get it everyyear...u'll probably accumulate a few thousand so, yeah. its nice getting the money. i have, i think. 1200 now. see, fine, three hundred or so might sound little. but ah well, u save, it grows. :D

Oh as i was saying. the torturous ceremony...right. well. firstly its stupidly stupidly boring. and the only remotely exciting thing u ever do throughout the entire process of getting a filmsy sheet in a plastic cover ( and the cheque lah ) is the standing up and walking on stage part. the rest of it is just...well, spent...sitting. yes. i never wait till the end. as in the end of the entire ceremony. i mean hell, its a pointless waste of time. i simply. leave. rude or not. actually, i WOULD stay. because really....i DO care about ettiquette and all.

but. they invite parents. AND. they also do NOT provide seats, whatsoever. so while i am whiling time away, occassionally contibuting to the rather weak applause when hearing a familiar parents have to stand for the whole time. and seriously. one hour plus on foot = bad.

What else is sucky. so apart from the boringness of the whole situation, the whole thins really very laggy. I registered at 2.45, as stated in the envelope. then. i go up. and then from 2.45 to 2.55 i just BLOODY SIT AND WAIT. and okay, once in a while, i greet or acknowledge a familiar face. and at 2.55 the announcement comes that the MP was on his way up the stairs. so i was liike yay! finally, the thing can start. i mean 10 minutes might not be long, but while ur just sitting down, fiddling with ur letter, things really start to get extremely irritating and boring. and i kept thinking about the good time wasted. the time which could have been spent actually DOIN something. like, finishing my chinese book. like DOING MY HOMEWORK, like chatting. anything. so when the announcement came that the MP would soon be arriving in the hall, i, naturally was delighted. i could finally STAND UP. or anything. anythings better than sitting down and fiddling with ur letter. ok, mebbe not fighting a war or looking at a tankful of lizards, but yeah.

BUT. unfortunately. he didnt arrive. i couldnt believe it. so i said ok, give him five bloody minutes. i mean -surely- its but ONE flight of...i duno....twenty steps???? even if u lug a heavy red carpet from across the road, then meticulously lay it down on the cement steps, then adorn the stairway with a thousand pots of exotic floral objects specially airflown from...the amazon, u'd only take, say, at most. ten minutes. especially since there was this huge group of volunteerss...or something. so i waited. nevermind. but. 3pm came and went.


- by then i was like, what the hell, what in the WORLD is he doing. in that time you can run all over the school three hundred and fifty eight times. let along CLIMB up what, TWENTY steps? well, REGULAR people, as in NON VIP people take less than a minute. but noooo....u go and take ur own sweet time unaware that ur actually WASTING people's LIVES. -

so i was really pissed.

then only at 3.15 did he arrive. and i was totally fuming. the emcee, another SUCKER. by the way, was driving me NUTS. the music this year, was nice, but come on, u dont have to blast it in our ears. hell, like, i still want my hearing you know. i dun wanna leave another forty of fifty years deaf!ok, about the emcee. he was so damn fierce. you'd think some memeber of the audience actually dismembered his precious ten year old, lifelong pal pooch, and boxed him silly before scratching the hell out of his newly bought jaguar ( which was, incidentally, paid using the payment of his sold flat ). And he COULDNT read.

Seriously. he couldnt pronounce english names, for a start. he couldnt pronounce INDIAN names, but thats ok, since some of them ARE quite a challenge. he couldnt do MALAY. well, since they make up the minority, FINe. but as he was an indian, he could not pronounce CHINESE as well. i mean, whats the point of having an emcee, when the only names he CAN pronounce properly is tom, dick and harry, and its likely none of the kids have such names. no, im NOT saying their yucky names. and he was totally TWISTING the chinese names. it sounded terrible, ok. horrible. really, no SANE parent would EVER names their kids bbbooooeey fang ( as in the teeth sorta fang ). and he pronounced something as nice and simple as RACHEL as " wRRRRRR-( roll ur tongue here )-etch-el. wretchel. nice name. for a screwball. no kid escaped unscathed from his cruel twisting of their carefully chosen names.

So well i found the whole thing sucky. and especially since this is not my first time( and really, i aint boasting here, many people go up for four/five times. ). i wasnt excited one bit. which made things worse. and gosh, i simply could NOT stand the arrogant jerkheads strutting around the place. come on, its no big deal. ok. its no big deal ok. it is an honour. but surely u dun have to act so SUPERIOR. i mean fine, u got it. well so did the 1200 others in the hall, u neednt act "better" than them. man.

Friday, January 02, 2004

so wow. its the year 2004 already. my god. 2004?!

and lemme see, i havent blogged since last year. ( gosh that sounds like a lot ):D really, it cant have been more than a week since. because, really, today's only the second of the new year. Uh huh. -nods- the second of the new year. the day ( oh the dreaded, but not exactly DREADFUL ) first day of school. soooo.....i'm a sec 2 eh? a SENIOR.

woah....really...its no big deal, actually. if it werent for the flight of stairs which we had to climb to get to our classes i quite simply and completely forgot. And of course at recess there were the sec ones. And i mean seeing them queue up nicely in front of their placard holding PSLs did bring me a semblance of pride for being "older". muahahahaha. so apart from these small happenings, i really didnt think or consider for long my status as a SENIOR.

Oh and by the way. whats with the "ooh the cute enny weeny sec ones are queueing up" "ooooohhhh...i cant WAIT to see the small, small, cute cute sec juniors." MY GOD. i mean HOW OLD ARE THEY?! like ONE YEAR younger. whats with the descriptions " small and cute" oh and " cuddly" they're NOT. for heaven's sake.

i mean sure! ur older, get classrooms on a higher level and can well, order them around, tease them around, flaunt your "superiority" ( though its quite non existant ) and all....but that duzzen make them young and small and cute. and you big, old and matured. they're really not much different. and i mean, hell, there are HUGE sec ones....( diane even thought the whole DHS sec one intake this year was really quite huge ) which can easily surpass you both in height.... and width.

so please. to whoever out there guilty of this, please. do remember. the measly twelve month difference between you and you little sec one counterparts does not justify much change in stature and behaviour. I mean ok. u want to get all giggly and swoon and like lovey dovey and huggy wuggy and pinch face-ish, u CAN. but well, save all the cheek pinching and "he's SOOO adorable" talk for like, the PRIMARY ONES. pete's sake. not the sec ones.

Ok so anyway. the....first day of school.

It quite simply, sucked.

Well, the first half of school at least. When we were first introduced to our not too friendly, not so impressive form teacher......the quite infamous mr. siva. yep. the fierce fierce indian P.E teacher, who, as it turns out, teaches MORE than just P.E. unfortunately. so we got him who is strict and fierce as hell ( ooh and sarcastic and condescending ) for lessee... P.W, ( tough luck for marg who as it is, HATES P.W....), PCCG ( bleh. i dun bother. this lesson's crap. nothing remotely interesting, nothing remotely useful ) and Physics <<>>

Fortunately, i can take comfort ( MUCH comfort ) in the knowledge that P.E is not under him. Otherwise, next year, i'd probably ( no, correction )....i'd sure as hell be in deeppppp trouble..... ( thinks at last year's torturous P.E lessons ) man, i totally SUCK at P.E. i DO!!! i am totally, extremely HORRIBLE. like, i failed NAPFA. ok? because why? becuase i couldnt do FOURTEEN bloody sit ups. man, im such a total flake. and to think a few years back i was winning medals and racing top atheletes in school ( namely, Gayathri, Lisa) And I WON THEM, VICKY. :P Well.....i change.

So he came to class. and totally spoke as if we just commited a grave sin. he was mean and far from nice apart from the few wise cracks he made. And he was like " what the hell did u guys do last yr, twelve months and u don't have a PHOTO in ur report book. what did ur teacher do!?" man, i just hate this " YOUR previous teacher"...rant.

like, ok, so our dear previous teacher didnt make us write our names on EVERY sheet of paper and YOU want it that way,so? dont talk to us about it. don't give us that head-shake and the " your class is such a pathetic one " and you teacher's such a complete loserfield or totally useless" look. we don't need it. and no matter how bad our "previous teacher" treated us. they really dont deserve to be judged by you, a mere colleague, JUST another teacher, too.what they do ( or rather, what they don't ) is not for you to judge. you may want something to be done a particular way. but just cos the previous one didnt. it DOESNT mean its wrong. QUIT TALKING like they ARE. stop. stop it.

i mean why cant teachers

1) just agree on a standard way to do EVERYTHING. so there wont be lots and lots of "culture" differences and no more " your teacher was kinda lousy" talks for us. And hell, it inconveniences and is BAD for EVERYONE. the pupils for one, have to keep adjusting to the varying methods used by the different teachers and while a teacher might encourage drinking in class ( i mean, singapore being a rather stifling place and all ), another teacher might totally flip when u drink in the presence of he or she. And some might not like liquid paper ( it being messy and all ) while another might not encourage correction tape. And the teachers, surely our "previous" teacher wouldnt like being labelled incompetent by our PRESENT teacher who probably wouldnt enjoy the task of making us "unlearn out bad habits instilled by the teacher who previously taught us and learn THEIR method of doing things".


2) just well. ACCEPT that different people do things differently. and so long as what they did isnt potentially devestating or horribly degenerative. then accept it. and surely glossing over our bad habit of using correction tape won't cause YOUR teaching system and methods to totally crash and fall through! and u feel that we should have been taught something, but were'nt then well, teach us and just take it that maybe well...our ex teacher forgot to. save the "why didnt you teacher tell u that" talk. What good does it bloody do anyway. it sure doesnt make us remember what u teach better. and it REALLY doesnt help anyone. save us the time. save us the torture. save us from falling asleep or you'd catch us and we'd be in unneccessary, uncalled for trouble. '

And ok, back to where we were... so. he fussed over our absence of photos on the report book. ( which i really dont think is neccassary ) then gave out the timetables. elected the new com members. which really, is not bad....Ming shuan as the monitress, diane as the treasurer and pei qi as the P.E rep. Pin qi is now...the HEAD OF THE CLASS. but i dunno....her total lack of care and zero responsibility for the competiton in which both of us formed a group with jinghui does bring some doubts to me.....i sincerely doubt she's THAT responsible. considering her horrible attitude then.....hopefully she can prove me wrong, no?:D then he swopped our places around too......

Well, the timetable.

It was. urgh. yucky. totally. it sucked. for one, there isnt a "free" day. like last term it was friday. a free day is like a day without much "stressful" items. ideally it should consist of CME, ACC, PCCG, ASSEMBLY, perhaps...ART, and the like. but this year. all the "mean subjects". i.e the THINKING ones, for example, MATHS, SCIENCE, etc. is all nicely spread out. so on monday. it might be nice and all, but theres a DOUBLE CHINESE. and on might be fairly relaxing save the DOUBLE SCIENCE and the DOUBLE MATHS periods. u get what i mean.

so there isnt a nice day. at all. and and. turns out we have to stay back for PW next year. its not in our normal school hours. sheesh. *remembers i have JAP classes and rushes to check the specific timeslot* shucks. my worst fears. have been confirmed. it ends at 3.20. uh. -_-" and the bus leaves for the MOELC at 0345. oh shucks. oh planner of timetables ( correction, MIGHTY planner of timetables if it pleases you ).....WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU!?!??!?!?!?!!?!!!

And the lessons aside, we also got a not so nice batch of teachers. Siva, is one. and also!!! LIU LAO SHI!!! OH SHIT MAN!!! that nice but totally ?clueless? teacher!!!! OH DEAR. the reaction was instantaneous. as i skimmed through the first column and my eye caught the dreaded and feared five words. i said " ok, mummy, i'm going for tuiton" no questions asked, no consideration done. i mean hell, EVERYONE knows how -BAD- liu lao shi can get. totally lousy man. she. so ok, i shall go for tuiton. ( I DONT NEED ITT!!!!!) and then i can safely pass my exams. i cant trust her with my future, i did.....last year....and got a frigging B. what an eyesore. specially smack right in the middle of As on my report book. * i aint boasting, my 'A's may be borderline for all u know*

And uh...actually...come to think of it....the rest of the teachers not that bad. oh wait. there is - the PE teacher, the next fiercest thing to Siva. ah such is life....

Then for the arranging places one..

1) i got to remain in my seat. whee~! which is nice cos i can easily reach it, its accessible. its got a clear view of the white board and. apart from the "making way for my partner to get into HER seat part", its fine. i like it. mebbe im just used to it, actually.


2) colin's sitting next to me. mebbe its not THAT bad. but gavin's siting BEHIND me. and i know for sure that THAT is bad. very. *duh*

Then well, thats it....yeah. :D the first day of school. well, actually, the first half, i dont want to elaborate on the second part which really consisted of me, diane and jessalyn talking and playin "pictionary" <-- well some form of it anyway. nothing remarkable.

Oh well, dinner's ready. cya. bye. hm.....*raises eyebrow* lengthy entry....:D

Friday, December 26, 2003

whee~! went on what most people would call a quizz spree. and it was kinda fun lah. i mean i know they are often just rubbish but its kinda entertaining to read the ans and qs they give. and at least this batch of quizes didnt have the "whats ur fav, colour" assholic question that appears ever so often in quizilla quizes. * thank GOODNESS*.

Yeah, i think i'm addicted to be the mint chocolate ( or choc mint? ) sweets my mummy bought... aiyah they're mint sweets with a sticky chocolate filling. or maybe...well...there just isnt any other type of sweets around in the house.

Mum wants me to start exercising and blah blah. so i can be "slim" (sexy/skinny/whateverlah) or it'd be a waste of my "pretty face". argh. bullshit. EVERY year they think of some vain thing for me to do. last year they kept fussing over my hair. bought clips and stuff. and kept asking me to "tie it nicely, not in that BORING ah-ma ponytail".

HELLO. like, i still go to school. there is no neat to make it nice and plaity. no need for fancy hairstyles. ah forget about "scorpion" and whatever u call that hairstyle. i dont WANT glittery pins. so i stuck with that one hairstyle throughout the whole of last year. i stuck with one hairstyle this year too. :P ok, if theres a special event i'd just COMB my hair before tying it. usually i just tie it and done.

then last last year was about my face. Cheryl ah, u better put (blahblahblah)on ah! i buy for u moisturizer/cleanser/toner/whateverlah u must use!!! otherwise u'll have pimples than not nice already. sheesh. so this year they wanna work on my body. -_-
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Am NoT!
+CONTINUED from the pass entry which was a continuation of the very first entry on my three day stay +

Yeah, so anyway, Day Three:

Nothing much. woke up early, as usual. i politely declined an invitation to join the other three swimming. and spent the time lazing around on a beach chair under the splendid sun while they swam around. ah. lazy me. but that was nice all the same. just. sitting around. watching people. ( and later i watched a string of monkeys march smartly to food - that is. the terrace restaurant. - for THEIR share of the daily breakfast buffet spread. )

Then after the swim. and the lunch afterward at the not so nice food court. we headed back to singapore in the light drizzle. oh wait. BEFORE lunch, that is, IMMEDIATELY AFTER the swim ( for me the... well....*sit*. )we went to Butterfly PArk. Well, certainly not MY choice. but it WASNT as bad as i thought it would be. got to see nice little butterflies. my favourite being the Morpho butterfly group. this group, if u dont know yet consists of various butterflies with shiny, glimmery wings in various shades of blue and green. and the occassional purple.

And Mira hated the whole thing lah. she was like :c'mon lets go. barely after five minuted in each exhibition hall. NOT excitedly. she just wanted to rush through the various exhibitions and... ESCAPE!!!! And naman. naman was FASCINATED. he's the "science-ish" person lah. and to those who know timothy quek and ernest. yeah. hes something like that. but nicer lah.

Quote: " wow. AMMONITES." and at breakfast " you know where the pollen of the orchid plants is. u know usually u can spot pollen on flowers. but the pollen of the orchid is actually HIDDEN in the mouth of it. what happens is, u stick your finger in, and a chemical reaction will result in the orchid releasing and depositing a little pollen on it. And when it collects pollen, a similar reaction takes place in the mouth and the receiving orchid "sucks" the pollen in. female bees pollinate the plants but male bees collect them. blah blah.."

Note: he's... well,.... primary two.

uh huh.

then Alvin ( bro ) was rather bo chap lah. he was only interested in Nayan who was rather excited. but then again. that lil chap is excited in pretty much all the attractions of the island. and once in a while he'd stop to count the butterflies in the displays. or ask for the name of any curious looking bug ( and i really think he DOEs remember them. he's got a good memory for his age. he says TERRAPIN not tortoise or turtle when he sees one, though he pronouces an "L" somewhere after P. ) and he's occassionally stop to say "Papa! can u please take a photo of *the butterfly* <---or anything for that matter"

And that was it. our trip.

and i had an AWFUL headache when i got back home. so i napped. for awhile. then watched Tv.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003


Day two:

Yeah, i realised the earlier entry sounded reallly awfully yucky but really. sentosa was fun. so ok. i shall make this one sound nice ok? happy?

Yeah....Day two...what did i do....lemme see...its actually kinda hard trying to remember what happened so 3 days ago.

Well. Uh. we woke up. VERY VERY early. actually, just 7.30 am but well, when its school holidays, anything earlier than 10am is EARLY. so there. we went for the buffet breakfast thingy. and it was just MARVELLOUS. ( see, trying to make it sound NICE :D ) and uh....there was (?!) yes. lots and lots of food. uh....dim sum (eeewy i hate dim sum) western stuff. i.e croisants, buns and other pastries. and uh....nasi lemak. mee goreng. fruits. salads. ah. it was great lah. all the food looked nice and absolutely delectable. and trust me, it was. i ate more than i usually do. actually i ate more than i ever did in the past two or three years. ( considering my usual breakfast diet of one or two small biscuits or half a slice of bread )

Then we went to Palawan beach. it was kinda far off. Really, the Sentosa, or better known as the Beaufort is situated in a reaally bad place. the only "attractions" nearby is well, Tanjong beach, the golf club (what the hell can four kids do there, so it really doesnt count ), Spa Botanica ( which even if i were old enough, i probably wouldnt patronise ---think exorbitant prices ) and uh...a lake thingy. So anything other than these "attractions" is far away. so Palawan beach. was far away. man. i am speaking funny. We didnt wanna go back to Tanjong beach although it would have been very much nearer. just 132 steps down from the pool in Beaufort but we decided we'd rather walk the distance and have nice soft sand than save the trouble and settle for yucky coarse sand and kelp.

Well, we didnt regret our decision. at least I didn't. i don't know about the others but they seemed to have a great time too... Ncie sand. nice sun. and i dunno why. but the sea was nicer. :D and so with the much softer sand we decided to BUILD something. An activity that could not be accomplished without badly scratching yourself at its cousin beach. So Naman started piling handfuls and handfuls of sand together and well, ended up with a mountain thing. then he found an orangish leaf in the water. said it was a maple. ( i was like, MAPLE IN SINGAPORE. THE BEACH SOMEMORE o.O) and stuck it onto the "mountain thingy" oh and the leaf shape was all wrong. not even vaguely mapleish. And proudly proclaimed the mountain thingy FORTRESS MAPLE. haha. kinda nice name. then we added smallish turret thingies. and stuck twigs in each of them. it looked weird. but nevermind. the building process was fun.

Then i decided, well, almost every castle is protected by a MOAT right? so yeah, we started digging and digging and piling and digging and then "bucketing" the water and filling the moat. and it was really really nice. and guess what. when the tide came and the bigger waves started crashing onto the beach. the wall (actually not wall, but the barrier of the moat, u know, the bank thingy ) didnt collapse. ooh yippee. and we started "expanding" the moat thingy until it became, really, a smallish pool. and we decided, well, ok, since it really resembled a half pool half bath tub thing. why not MAKE it a POOL. so we forgot about the moat and started building around the depression in the ground, larger, taller, and stronger walls. and then, quite some time ( ok, about well...uh 45mins? ) later we got a pool with strong tall walls. and u know, naman could actually SIT in the mini pool and when he sat in it, it started to look really alot like a bath tub.

So there. we took a picture of our strong ,sturdy masterpiece. the one which we had slaved over under the hot burning sun armed only with a filmy plastic spade each, protected only by a thin film of suntan lotion and our swimming costumes,( i got a silly uneven tan in the end. it looks urgh. yucky.) battling against the strong mighty waves which time and time again washed away parts of the wall ( and we had to rebuild the crumpled portion ), threatening to consume the whole object. And we were all very proud of it. and we spent a long while just sitting closer to the cold waters letting the waves crash into us and imagining weird stuff.

Like like, heres a thought. Mira: maybe it'll stand for over a MONTH. Naman: yeah! than it'll be the FORTRESS MAPLE ( with a weirdish BATHTUB infront ) of SENTOSa. Alvin: yah, maybe it'll be featured in the newspaper. me: mhm. it'll be a tourist attraction, blah blah. (hey! i couldnt be a wet blanket and tell them, no, its not possible. its not that great. and the water would probably wach it away. AND i was proud myself. since i helped construct a good deal of the structure )

So anyway. that done, we proceeded to Rasa Sentosa for lunch. and boy. it was AWESOME. lunch was nice. though, like all things else horribly EXPENSIVE. " nasi goreng ----> $15 " and really. i'd much rather stay in THAT hotel. firstly its very accesible. THREE LINES going there PLUS a monorail. secondly. the facilities are all nice and fun and all. thirdly. it was bustling with life. u know, like noise every where crying children, laughing children, screaming children. well...u know. just. children. Ang mohs, lotsa tourists. smiles all over. nice arcade. nice GIFT SHOP. nice everything. and yeah, ok, so it wouldnt be a place u'd enjoy relaxing in. like, u probalbly wont wanna lie around on a beach chair with people screaming all over. ( that, u can do at the Beaufort. its so freakishly QUIET )( some might say PEACEFUL ) but THATS what a holiday's supposed to BE like, aint it. fun. noisy. ALIVE.

So lunch was over. and we went for a cable car ride. sentosa - singapore - moutn faber - singapore - sentosa. That was KINDA disastrous. argh. blame it one the NOISY boys. ( oops oops, BIG understatement ) For SOME reason, they kept YELLINg. i don't know WHY. like why would u SUDDENLY yell, mid air, encased in a rather stuffy cabin ( stuffy because we shut all the windows as there was a slight rain outside ) with nothing provoking u or anything like that. i mean i don't SUDDENLY scream in the toilet unless 1) i was shot by a jet of icy cold water 2) i saw a lizard 3) i saw a lizard and number FOUR. i saw a lizard. there was nothing remotely EXCITING that could possibly evoke in them such a well strong impulse, desire, whatever to yell So they just started yelling. alvin and naman. and argh. nayan HAd to be in that cabin.

Nayan with his small but strong lungs. nayan with his monkey see monkey do mentality. nayan. with the killer smile and also killer scream. so he started yelling too. and the whole cabin was filler with their horrible, screechy, high pitched, eardrum bursting noise. it sucked. then when auntie wuri ( their maid ) started shooshing them. they yelled even louder. so the yelling. that wasnt the only bad thing about the ride from hell. nayan INSISTED on pressing the "bahasa melayu" button. which would turn on the speaker system. ( u know, the "electronis tour guide" ---> on ur left is the singapore....blah blah blah ) and it was noisy enough. what with all that mindless yelling. so mira was irritated and tried to press the mute button or stop nayan from pressing the SPEAK button or something. so a tussle started. and nayan went hysterical. and started throwing tantrums. and suddenly he wanted to press everything. also, he was cranky. so he pressed the EMERGENCY button.

I didnt realised until his sis, mira told me. so i asked him ( nicely ) to well... stop. and he wouldnt. and there was a man's voice coming through. and i kinda panicked. its no joke, these emergency button thingies. as they say, press only when in a real emergency. ( not cos u actually FEEL like pressing it. ) it was scary. like. u know, if u actually press the MRT emergency button. u'd be fined i dunno....$5000? so i didnt want anything bad to happen. and i GRABBED his arm. really. he's VEYR VERY mischeivous ( cute lah...but STILL ) and STuBBORN. so he got REALLY mad. started crying and stuff. and i panicked MORE. i was like. oh no. now i am the bad guy. and really, the stupid wuri didnt want to help.

She was totally nonchalant. and went like, aiyah just let him press lah. So FORTUNATELY. the ride stoppped soon. and we got down. and i told my mum about it. and well, seemed that i was right ( luckily, and to my great relief ) yes, i made him cry but i wasnt WRONG in doing so i was well...stopping him :D ) So anyway we had ice cream then uh....lemme....think...

We went for the minigolf thing. That was quite uneventful. cept that i got attacked by lots and lots of mosquitoes.

Then we uh....went for dinner. no no, we DIDNT go to zhen xiang yuan. we went to rollerblade!!!

Yeah, we rollerbladed from Palawan to Tanjong. with the "learner" uncle vijay accompanying us. apparently, only his "big mouth" landed him in this state. he promised the children he's blade if they were SERIOUS about learning. so well. he had to learn. while the other adults gloated at him. my aunt even armed with a digital camera to capture his first fall . ( and enlarge it portrait size and frame it and plaster the walls at home with it )

And fall he did. not too soon though. i must say. he's good for a beginner as in a person who had only worn those eveeeil wheeled shoes for less than three minutes. i mean he was steady and all and he pretty much got the steps right. and though slow, he managed not to trip one anything and hell, was even moving smoothly TALKING on his HANDPHONE. how anyone can manage that, i dont know, i wouldnt TRY it. not me. but he fell all the same. uh. yeah. fell the same way i did when i first fell. ahh......i still remember that particular fall ( yeah now i sound like i'm talking about some faraway autumn ), no? i had only fallen because well, it was my first day, i hadnt even gottan used to moving on FLAT ground in a STRAIGHT line and i had to go up the slope. ah....i remember him telling me. "*guffaw*NOW u gotta learn how to GET UP from a fall". muahahaha. the TEMPTATION to taunt him as he did to me. when i saw him struggling. my god. but of course, i cant be disrespectful can i?

Um....then we went back to the hotl. had dinner. went to watch the musical fountain thing. (man, the flamethrower thingy's Whee~! nice. ) and well, headed back to the hotel. and on the way i was very very urgent. and well, i happened to be urgent at the Enchanted grove of Tembusu part ( which really is just a green patch complete with mosquitos, bushes and normal, average, nothing special about them trees and well, a couple of man-made mushroom thingamjigs. ) and so they came up with this joke about me, peeing there since the only toilet was pretty far away ( i got there IN TIME in the end) and thus causing the grove to be renamed the "enchanted grove tem BUSOK". (busok meaning smelly lah, stinky. )

Then we went to sleep. three people squashed onto a bed. not getting a full pillow each since there were only two. and i mean u cant POSSIBLY have one to urself huh( and later we were to find three extra pillows hidden nicely in the cupboards which we had neglected to rummage through thoroughly upon first moving into the room). actually there were TWO beds lah. I wanted to stay up to watch FRIENDS. the episode with ross's nana or something. but hmph, i was too tired.

So uh. that was day two.